Winds of Change

There’s something you may not know about me.

I have 3…count them 3…brothers. One older, two younger. My two younger brothers are significantly younger than me (6 and 7.5 yearsish).

I love my brothers, all three of them. Even when I’m mad at them, I love them. I mean they are my family so I guess I have to. But honest to goodness, I love them and not because I have to.

As I was looking at my beautiful morning view, I was thinking of my brothers. All for different reasons. Yesterday I found out that one of my younger brothers (the 6 years younger one) was getting ready to leave the nest. Thursday he will be moving out on his own. I am proud of him and scared for him all at the same time.

So, to my little brother, some words of wisdom from your big sister

1-First and foremost have fun. I mean you’re living on  your own. No rules, no one telling you what to do, so have fun. But do so legally. I’m serious.

2-Live you life. Do things that you never thought you would do (again, legally). Experience the city you’ll be living in. Don’t be a hermit.

3-If you’re ever in a tight spot financially, don’t sell your stuff. Ask for help. You have an amazing family with many many people ready and willing to help you.


4-Don’t forget to keep studying. Even though you’re now on your own, you’re still in school buddy. Keep up your grades. It is SUPER important that you do this. You will be so mad at your future self if you don’t. And yes, I know this from experience. I had to fight like hell to bring my GPA back up. Don’t make that mistake

5-Last but not least, call your parents at least…AT LEAST once a week. They need to know you’re still alive. My calls to Mom and Dad every week are one of the best parts of my week. Keep your relationship with them solid. They love you more than you will ever realize (unless you decide to have kids one day and then you will know their love for you). And know that they are always there for you no matter how much you think they’ll be upset or disappointed or whatever. They are ALWAYS there.

I love you little brother. Good luck!


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