2 Months-An Update

Baby Chaos is 2 months old today. I don’t believe it. I’m kinda in denial. How can my baby be growing so quickly? HOW?!?!

Baby boy is changing in so many ways. He’s looking around at everything and has gone from loving tummy time to hating tummy time. He wants to be up, up, up, all the time. All. The. Time. Which makes my Ergo baby carrier super duper useful. I’ll post on that later.

He has started making the cutest faces and “talks” all the time. For the most part he’s a happy little guy. He has even started laughing. Mostly when he’s sleeping but a couple times while awake. He laughed while looking at Mr. Chaos the other day. It was adorable. He’s started grabbing at everything especially Momma’s hair. And the boy has a grip making the hair grabbing so much fun.

He’s doing well with his sleeping although he tends to fight his naps during the day. Most the morning he’s awake then takes a long afternoon snooze and then up until around 7. Typically he’s been waking up once a night to eat and then up around 6ish but lately he’s been a little more demanding. He’s a good eater and weighed in today at 12lbs 7 oz. Almost double his birth weight of 6lbs 12oz and in about the 50th percentile.

Life around here is chaotic. It seems when I’m done getting Little Miss something, Little man then needs something. And when I’m done getting Little Man something, Baby Chaos needs something and when I’m done with that there’s the dog and then we circle back to Little Miss.

And Little Man now loves his little brother. He used to run away if I even put Baby Chaos close to him and now if I hold his baby brother up to him, he immediately gives him a hug. It’s kinda adorable. And Little Miss is my BIG helper. She has been such a help with Baby Chaos. I would be lost without her.


And no matter how chaotic it gets and how much of my sanity goes out the door, I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

So let’s do a little comparison, shall we?!

Here’s Baby Chaos at one month

And here’s Baby Chaos at 2 months


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