It’s About That Time Again

Fun fact time people! I have so many posts but haven’t been able to write any of them. It’s been a busy and crazy week. So until I can sit and have some quiet time (what’s quiet time again) here ya go!

1. I made this wreath a couple weeks ago. I kinda love it. I’m so excited it’s fall and that Halloween is just around the corner!


2. I’m not the only one that’s super excited for Halloween. Little Miss can’t wait. We are almost done piecing her costume together and no I’m not telling what she’s gonna be.

3. I have no idea what to dress Little Man as. I figure this is my last year getting to dress him how I want so I might make it a tad embarrassing for him. Also, Halloween costumes these days are expensive. The one I wanted for Little Miss was almost $50. Seriously.

4. This guy will be 2 months old tomorrow. 2 MONTHS OLD. He’s growing so so fast.

5. This guy got a haircut. I know, it’s about time. He’s adorable.

6. I’m currently working on Christmas lists. How can it be almost Christmas?

7. Also, I’m sad that they are already setting up Christmas at the stores. Not even Halloween yet people. Slow it down.

8. He’s lucky he’s cute. He hasn’t liked his sleep the past couple nights. Momma is tired.

9. C25k is going fantastic. I love it. It feels so so good to be running again.

10. My kids are awesome. That is all.


One thought on “It’s About That Time Again

  1. Grammie says:

    All of the kids are growing up so fast..your wreath is adorable. That Connor looks a lot older than 2 mos.Kendall will look cute in her costume Be sure a d take their pictures

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