The Problem with Puppies

Puppies. Cute, adorable, sweet, innocent, puppies.

Puppies reel you in. The adorable puppy eyes and the cute floppy ears.

No matter what they do, they stay cute and adorable.

You can’t get mad at them because they’re puppies and they are just learning how to behave. You can’t stay made at them because they look at you with their puppy dog eyes and they are instantly forgiven.

And they make you laugh. Oh do they make you laugh with their crazy antics.

And then they start growing up. They start getting not so innocent. They start misbehaving if they aren’t getting enough attention, even though they are. And if they’re like my puppy, they act like your own children…thinking they can do anything the kids do without getting in trouble. Except it’s perfectly acceptable for the kids to dig in the backyard but if the puppy does it…not so much. And it’s perfectly OK for the kids to snuggle with Mommy’s blanket but if the puppy does it then it’s not. And it’s perfectly OK for the kids to eat the human food but if the dog does it then it’s not.

That’s right people. My puppy, my cute innocent little puppy, has decided that he’s one of the kids. Which he is. But he thinks, truly believes, that if Little Miss and Little Man can do it then of course it’s OK for Tebow to do it too. Why wouldn’t it be….he’s one of the kids. He drives me CRAZY. Ask Mr. Chaos…he’ll tell you just how crazy Mr. Tebow drives me.

But then he looks at me with those big puppy eyes and reels me back in.

“But Momma, I love you. Please don’t be mad at me for digging a hole to China in the backyard. And I’m really sorry about the blanket incident. I didn’t know that chewing your blanket would make you mad. You can’t be mad at me for eating Little Man’s breakfast. It was just sitting there. How was I supposed to know I wasn’t supposed to climb on the kitchen chair to eat it. At least it didn’t go to waste…right?!”

And all of a sudden, no matter how mad I am at the dog, the anger fades away. The puppy eyes win. I can’t handle the cuteness of the puppy eyes. It’s a dog’s best weapon. It’s the problem with puppies. Because puppies don’t stay puppies but they always keep those puppy eyes.



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