Just Horsin’ Around

Little Miss talks Little Man into lots of things. Tons. And since he loves his sister so much he’ll pretty much do anything she says. Oh he has his days that he wants Little Miss to leave him alone but even then she has a way of making him do what she wants.

She has powers y’all because she can talk many a people into doing what she wants. She’s that good.

Case and point…one Saturday we were just hanging out watching some football (known in our house as football Saturday because college games are on the TV the majority of the day) and Little Miss got that twinkle in her eye. I’ve come to know it as the “I’m going to make my brother do something very very silly” twinkle. All Mr. Chaos and I saw was this

You can see her directing her Little brother. Telling him what to do. We sit there and stare…wondering what she’s telling him to do. Wondering what chaos is about to happen in our house. And then, just like that, it happens.

Little Man takes off. Running around like a little mad man on his stuffed horse

Because that’s what his sister told him to do. And all Mr. Chaos and I could do was laugh. Which fueled the fire. I don’t know how many laps around the living room he ended up doing but Mr. Chaos, Little Miss, and myself were all dying of laughter.

Ride like the wind Bulls-eye! Ride like the wind!


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