Oh Muddy Day

The hubs and I were hanging out one lovely Saturday afternoon when Little Miss came to me and asked so nicely if she and her brother could go outside.

OF COURSE! I love when the kids go outside. They run each other ragged and my house becomes quiet and even though my backyard is full of screams, my house is quiet. A quiet house is a rare occurrence with kids.

But the inevitable happened and my yard became quiet. Too quiet. So quiet that it seemed as though my kids had disappeared. When I went to check on them I found them quietly playing together.

I thought that they were just building a castle or digging together. I asked Little Miss what they were doing and she simply answered that they were just playing nicely together. No need for me to come out and watch them.

Which is when I became a tad bit suspicious. My daughter always wants me to watch them play. ALWAYS. I told Little Miss to let me get my shoes on and I would come hang out. She said no. My mind said uh oh.

Then she looked at me and I noticed her hand.

That’s when I noticed the mud. Which is funny since it hadn’t rained in days. Which meant it had to be man-made mud. Which is funny because she didn’t come inside to get the water. Which meant she had been using the hose. Which she’s not supposed to be doing.

That’s when I made my decision. I skipped the shoes and walked out there to see what was going on.

That’s right. A mud hole. My darlings were making a huge mud hole to play in.

And Little Miss was making sure to get her brother good and dirty. Not herself, her brother. She didn’t want to get too dirty. She only made the mud hole for her brother because he asked her too. At least that’s what she told me. So it wasn’t her fault that she used the hose she wasn’t supposed to be using because her brother really wanted a mud hole and that’s the only reason she used the hose so he should be the one that’s in trouble.

I think she thinks I was never a child. That I never dug a mud hole in my life. I told her mud holes are awesome and I know that she loves making a mess (seriously the kid can make the biggest messes in under 2 minutes) and all she had to do, instead of blaming her brother, was come ask if she could use the hose. Then I looked at her in her big, beautiful, brown eyes and said, “Honey, I was a kid once. Have fun in the mud.”

She just smiled and when I went back inside my husband asked what they were doing. I told him they were fine just playing and then asked if while I was making dinner, he would put them in the shower.

He said sure. Then he saw them and instantly regretted that decision.

Wifey-1 Husband-0



7 thoughts on “Oh Muddy Day

  1. Grammie says:

    They know how to have a good time. Wait till Connor gets bigger and Matt will have bath time just like a car wash!!!! Ha. They look so perfect.

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