Mother May I

My daughter. Le sigh. She is such a good little helper. She does anything I need her to do and anything I ask her to do and she typically does it with no argument, no eye rolls, and no big sighs followed by a long and exasperated “Mom.”

I couldn’t ask for a better little helper especially when it comes to her baby brother. She loves him. She thinks he’s pretty darn special.

And she is SO good with him.

But here’s the deal. She’s started to become very, well, Mom-like. She’ll tell Little Man what to do and tries to discipline him, she tries to tell Mr. Chaos and I what to do, and if she doesn’t agree with something the Mr. and I have said, she’ll make sure to point it out and tell us that we’re wrong. And she does it with this wonderful attitude. Sometimes, I feel like I have to ask her permission to do stuff. Like if I want to get some work done on the computer but all three of the kids are awake, I feel like I need to ask Little Miss if it’s OK. You know, “Mother may I get on the computer to get some of my work done?”

“No you may not.”

“But Mother…pretty please?”

“No you may not.”

Mr. Chaos is not a fan of the mothering that Little Miss does. It makes me chuckle when he says something and she responds with a, “I don’t think that’s right Dad.” OR “I don’t think you should be doing that Dad.” And the best “You can’t do that right now Dad, you have work to do.”

While Mr. Chaos calmly tells Little Miss that she is not his mother and can’t tell him what to do, I’m in the corner trying not to laugh because let’s face it…it’s downright funny. Except when she does it to me, then it’s not funny at all. OK, it is a tad bit funny but it’s that kind of funny that you can’t laugh at because if you laugh it only encourages her to keep doing it and that just can’t happen because I waited a long time to not be told what to do. So yes, Little Miss has to be reminded that she’s not the Mommy around the house and that while she can get away with being bossy to Little Man…being bossy to her Mommy and Daddy just isn’t going to work. And when I reminded her about this little fact she responded with, “But I help you with the baby so I’m kinda the Mommy.” And since I’m not ready to lose the help of Little Miss I responded with, “Why yes sweetie, yes you are.”


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