Brother Bonding Time

It has been no secret that Little Man hasn’t been completely thrilled with his baby brother. He told me so himself. I mean the “new guy” takes away some of his quality time with his mom and whenever he tries to have some mommy snuggle time, the “new guy” always seems to need to eat. At least that’s what Little Man told me.

So after about a week or so home with Baby Chaos, I had to have a little heart to heart with Little Man about Baby Chaos and told him that he had to show him the ropes. He had the responsibility of teaching the baby all about little boy things unless he wanted his sissy to do to the new guy what sissy does to him. You know how big sisters can be. With their dress-up and make-up and nail polish. Their princess dolls and barbie dolls and love of pink. Big sisters can make their little brothers do all kinds of “fun” things.

Little Man seemed to think long and hard about that and said a quick, “OK,” and that was that. Then, about a week ago, things started to slowly turn around.

I caught Little Man teaching his baby brother all about cars. And trains. And he even tried to explain planes to him.

And while watching them “play” together and hearing Little Man trying to interact with his brother I was reminded of a quote I recently found.

“Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero.” -Marc Brown

And at that moment, I told Little Man that no matter what, he had to take care of his little brother.

Then I looked at baby boy and made sure that he knew that no matter what, his big brother (and his sister too) would always be there for him, looking out for him.

And then I started thinking about my kids, all three of them, playing together. Loving each other and, yes, even fighting, and my heart melted. Because while being a brother may be better than being a superhero, being a Mom…is the best of all.


2 thoughts on “Brother Bonding Time

    • Stacy Fiore says:

      Thank you! We miss you too. I hope you guys are coming back soon to visit or we can get down there sometime soon. Little Miss is kinda wanting to see everyone 😉

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