1 Month

Baby Chaos is a month old today and there is so much to share. He’s grown so so much in just 4 short weeks.

So how has our life changed since Baby chaos came into our lives? It is complete chaos. So I guess you could say nothing has changed 😉 There are times when it is completely nuts in our house and times when it is strangely calm. We are working on getting a schedule down and I even ordered a beautiful fancy planner to help out with keeping me and our family running smoothly. I seriously am way too excited about this planner but I need some serious organization if I’m going to stay on top of our family of five.

Baby boy is seriously laid back. So far. He loves to be held and cuddled which I LOVE because baby snuggles are the best. However, this does not allow mommy to get a whole lot down around the house. So I caved and ordered a baby carrier. Which I’m hoping will be here any day now. Hopefully, this helps me to get stuff done and allows baby boy to snuggle. Baby Chaos has always been very alert and is now spending more time awake than asleep during the day which is just fine by me. He’s grabbing onto everything now and is making some of the cutest little baby noises as well as finding his voice when he isn’t getting his own way. He loves tummy time and tries to push himself around with his little legs and he’s getting more and more control of his head every single day.

So far, he’s my only baby who has actually used a binky and he can sleep through anything including yelling, screaming, barking, and vacuuming. He’s a sleep champ and typically only wakes up two times at night.

Little Miss loves her baby brother and is like a second mommy to him. She’ll hold him, feed him, and she’s even changed a diaper…all with mommy’s help of course. She could not be prouder to be a big sister again. Little Man is starting to warm up to the guy. He’s still not thrilled that mommy snuggles with another little one but he still gets plenty of mommy snuggles while Baby Chaos is sleeping and Little Miss is at school. And starting next week, Little Man will be doing lots of learning activities with Mommy to help keep him busy and out of trouble.

All in all, life is good and we are truly blessed. I love waking up every day to my wonderful husband and beautiful kids.

And Baby Chaos, you can stop growing anytime now. Pretty pretty please. I need you to stay itty bitty. Little Miss and Little Man have already decided to grow up on me…you have to stay my baby boy forever.


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