This Thing Called Life

Sometimes you look at your life and realize that, while you may not be where you thought you’d be, your life is pretty amazing. I mean I never thought that

*I would have gotten my college degree in business

*I would be a good cook

*I would turn out to be a perfectionist with slight OCD tendencies

*My parents were right about pretty much everything when I was a kid/teenager

*My parents would be two of my best friends who I have to, HAVE to, talk to at least once a week

*I would like Fall over all other seasons. I mean come on…college football, changing of the seasons, beautiful colors, soups, PUMPKIN EVERYTHING. Is there anything better?!

*Country music would be my go to tunes. Although I do have an appreciation for most music styles

*I would have three kids

*My kids would be absolutely amazing

*I would marry a man in the military

*I would be able to do DIY projects and have them actually look good

*I would LOVE doing DIY projects and crafts

*I wouldn’t own my own horse by now 😦 sad face

*I would actually enjoy mowing the lawn.

*I would be able to take care of ALL household stuff while my husband was “out of the office”

*I would have to deal with deployments and actually be able to handle them better than I would have ever thought.

*My brothers and I would have a good relationship and guess what…we do

*I would be proud of myself

*I would have amazing friends who I love dearly

*Have a husband who supports me and loves me for who I am

But life is a roller coaster ride and just because you aren’t who you thought you’d be or your life is completely different than you thought it would be, it’s an amazing life. I wouldn’t change it for anything because I’ve learned and grown from everything that’s happened and am who I am today because of it. I wouldn’t change anything and can’t wait to see where we go from here.


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