School-An Update

I bet everyone is on pins and needles waiting to hear how Little Miss liked her first and second day of school. Pins and Needles.

Well I’ll tell you. She, is so far, enjoying school. She doesn’t love it or hate it. She misses her friends from last year and is sad they’re not in her class and she still hasn’t seen her best friend from last year making her even sadder but she likes her teacher (YAY) and she is in the process of making new friends (Woo Hoo). I’m thinking she’ll be fine.

But I have a confession. I LOVE that Little Miss is back in school. Why? Because she has a schedule, she has things that have to be done, she gets interaction with kids her own age (her brother is driving her CRAZY which means they are both driving me CRAZY), and she is learning and growing.

Oh and while she’s at school, my house is quiet. QUIET. There is no yelling from Little Man, no tattle-tailing, and no crying (except from Baby Chaos). I get one on one time with each of my boys and later in the day, after Mr. Chaos is home, I get one on one time with my girl. School is what we needed right now. School is helping me keep my sanity. I love school. I know I said different when it was just about summertime but never again. I am totally and completely willing to get up at 6:15 every morning (and let’s face it with the new baby I’m usually up anyways) for this wonderful quiet that is my house right now. Because when you have kids, how often do you get a quiet house…hmm??? How often? NEVER…

So  yes, I’m so glad that Little Miss is back in school and that she is, for the most part, enjoying it. The smile on her face at the end of the day makes me happy. Except when she let’s a bird in the house. But that’s a story for another day.


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