There’s a Tent in my House

Yes, really…there used to be a tent in my house. It was there for two days and it took up an entire room and part of my entry way.

I know. I KNOW exactly what you’re thinking.

“Um excuse me crazy lady. Did you know there’s a big, huge tent in your house? Did ya? I mean really? Because there is a big, huge tent in your house as soon as you walk in the door and it just doesn’t look like it belongs.”

Yeah. I got it.

The problem was this. My daughter has become fascinated with camping. She would build “tents” in the back yard that looked like this

Beautiful right. The problem was that only 2 small children could squeeze into her “tent” and one little puppy really wanted to go in with them. It ended in tragedy and of course, someone getting hurt. So what’s a mom to do? Go buy a tent.

Nope. Wrong. I didn’t buy a tent because my daughter has a way of being able to break every tent we’ve gotten her. You know, the little kiddie tents with princesses and fairies all over them. And I have no where to store said tent. Mr. Chaos and I are thinking of getting a tent for the outdoor world but we’re not quite ready and I’m not gonna buy a tent just for my 6 year old daughter to break it.

What did I do and how did a tent make it into my house? Well it’s this simple…my mom was coming up to see Baby Chaos and my mom has this beautiful two bedroom, sleeps 8 tent. I simply asked her to bring it on up and we’d (excluding myself and Baby Chaos) all have a little camp-out. Except it rained. Every afternoon. And of course my darling Army husband said, “No problemo. I’ll set it up inside instead.”

I will tell you that the tent is now set up outside and that Mr. Chaos almost instantly regretted his decision to set the tent up inside. Because when there’s a tent inside, kids go a little crazy. And they go a little crazy because they think they’re outside so instead of “inside voices” they run and scream and jump and scream and throw balls around and scream and scream and scream. Did I mention there was a lot of screaming.

Moral of the story…don’t set a tent up inside your house. Unless you have noise canceling headphones and then you might be alright!


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