Little Miss and the Frog

Little Miss kissed a frog.

Just kidding.

So the other day, or was it a week ago…maybe a month…no definitely a week. A week or two ago? Some time ago, Little Miss and Little Man were playing outside. I was cooking when it happened. Little Miss ran inside and asked if I would help her catch a frog.

I gave her a weird look for a couple reasons. First, my daughter hates bugs and reptiles of all sorts. She runs and screams like a big sweet baby when there’s any sort of bug in the house. So for her to come to me and ask her to help catch an animal that she typically doesn’t like in the least was interesting.

So outside we went. Of course Little Man was up for the task at hand. He thought the frog was pretty cool. Now there is something you should know about the frog.

He was an itty bitty baby frog. I mean tiny.

So tiny that I don’t know anyone who would be afraid of it. Which could explain why Little Miss was all about catching it and not running away from it screaming.

And yes, while I was there and showed her the proper technique for catching a baby frog (of course there’s a proper technique for catching frogs), she caught him (or her) all by her lonesome.

I was quite impressed with my little outdoors girl.

And of course I told her that she had to kiss the frog so he would turn into a prince.

She gave me the stare. Yes folks, she already has “the stare” down. You know the one…the stare that all women give men when they are deeply, deeply in trouble. I guess she really didn’t want to kiss the frog. She did however want to keep him.

He’s in there…in her tiny little hand…I swear it.

I told her that we could keep him.

Wait no…no I definitely told her that there was no way in crazy land that we were keeping a frog. Unless she kissed him and he happened to turn into a prince.

Can you guess what happened? Did she kiss the frog? do we now own a frog named Fred the prince, or did he actually turn into a prince?

The world may never know, Except she didn’t kiss the frog, we didn’t name him Fred, he didn’t turn into a prince, and he is probably still in our backyard hopping away.


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