38 Weeks-An Update

I hit the 38 week mark in my pregnancy yesterday.

38 weeks…this means a few things…

1. I’m full term. Technically I was full term at 37 weeks but I didn’t do an update so yeah. I’m full term now

2. I’m tired…really really tired and having HUGE mommy guilt for not doing enough with the kids. But we’re getting through it and with the hubs home it has gotten better. Except I sorta have mommy and wife guilt now so there’s that.

3. I could have this baby any time now. Which has me staying close to home most days. Which makes the days longer because there is only so much you can do while hanging out at the house.

Also, this baby, the little dude who is currently sharing my body with me…he’s decided to be very different from his brother and sister and make these last few weeks wonderfully (sarcasm) painful. There are the Braxton Hicks contractions that I never had with the other two and some lovely sharp pains that take my breath away and have me stop where I’m at or what I’m doing until he decides to be nicer.

So if you’re taking notes…first two pregnancies were easy…third one…not so much. But we’re getting there and we’re dealing. We’ve (baby no name and I) had some harsh discussions as of late but I think he’s still ahead on the scoring board which has me thinking he’s going to make sure his presence is known once he’s in the outside world.

And now the countdown begins. While I really really want this kid out and not sharing my space anymore, I know he technically should cook for at least a week or so. And there’s the fact that I still have baby stuff that needs to be gotten which is happening later today. Hopefully. If baby no name decides to cooperate. Oh yeah, and the fact that we’re still debating on the name for this little guy. You know. No pressure or anything 🙂



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