Pool Party Pt. 2-Little Man’s Revenge

You may remember that yesterday we talked about the “incident.”

Basically…Little Miss did something to Little Man that made him cry and Little Man decided it was high time that Little Miss learned who was in charge.

And that’s just what he did. Little Man may seem all cute and innocent but under that cute and innocent exterior is a little villain inside. He made it seem like everything was fine, that he had forgotten all about the “incident.”

He started with the set-up.

“Make sissy think that I’m fine and that I’m ready to play with her again. All is forgotten. There is nothing but love between me and sissy.” That’s what he was thinking…he told me so himself.

Lure her in. “Look sissy, I’m just playing with the hose. There are no bad intentions here. I promise.”

“Yes sissy. That’s it. Let’s play together and act like the “incident” never happened. Mwah ha ha.”

And then…when she suspects nothing…


Oh! Direct hit!

“That’ll teach you sissy…lesson learned I hope. There will be no further ‘incidents’ today. Or tomorrow. Or for weeks to come now will there? WILL THERE?!”

Little Miss took it like a champ. And Little Man…he looked as innocent and adorable as ever.

“But MOM!”

You know who Little Miss reminds me of right now….Candace from Phineas and Ferb (if you don’t watch Phineas and Ferb you are missing out…seriously. Watch it).

“What Mama? Me? I did nothing. Don’t listen to her.”

And I almost believed him except for the fact that I had witnessed the entire thing. To which he responded by smiling mischievously and saying, “But revenge Mama…it’s sweet.”


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