Pool Party

I have little water babies so most days that are super duper hot outside (ok…confession…only days that I have the energy to set up the pool) the kids and I head outside to enjoy our lovely little inflatable pool.

On this particular day, I did not want to set up the pool so Little Miss asked if I would help her do it. I said yes. I would get the pool all nice and blown up and Little Miss and Little Man would do the rest of the work which included filling it up. So basically, I got suckered into setting up the pool but that’s OK because I got the sad eye look from Little Miss when she asked if I would help her which melted my heart into actually setting up the pool.

So the kids played in the pool. The end. Except it wasn’t because for some reason, Little Miss decided to prop the pool up on the outside table. And then..then she got this look on her face.

Can’t you just tell that she’s about to do something bad to her brother. She just has that, “I’m gonna get you Little brother” look on her face which makes sense because my kids only get along about 25% of the time right now and the other 75% is spent with Little Miss annoyed at her brother for something. Typically it’s because Little Man wants to do everything Little Miss does and Little Miss wants her little brother to leave her alone.

I knew…just by looking at this face of hers that something was about to go down. Something bad. But Tebow needed my attention so I looked away to deal with Tebow who was very upset that the hose was on outside…

And as I was telling tebow to dog up…it was just a hose and JUST water…I heard it. The scream…

She had struck when she knew I wasn’t looking because that’s how sneaky she is…

And since Little Man couldn’t tell me what happened I went to the source. To this very day I have no idea what happened in the pool while I was telling Tebow he needed to get out there and play with the kids but I do know this…Little Man, he got his revenge.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post….Little Man’s revenge…


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