MIA and a Life Lesson

I’ve been missing in action, I know. There is a good reason…I promise you. You see…someone may or may not have come home a few days ago

This is what happens when he comes home. Dump the stuff at the door and relax. Especially when you had to fly into somewhere that was 9 hours away and drive that 9 hours home. And because my husband rocks, he drove all night…that way the next day he could do this…

It’s a beautiful sight when you get to see your kids with their daddy.

So we’ve been a little preoccupied the last couple of days. But alas, Mr. Chaos does have to work. I mean the government does pay him to do something right…so I’m back…for now…until baby boy, who still is nameless, comes into the world.

And since I love you so much I’m going to share a beautiful life lesson that I learned this weekend with you all.

You see, we had our wonderful friends over this weekend and they brought something to my house that changed my life. Something that I had forgotten about. Something that had gotten lost in the way back of my mind. I mean, I have seen tons of new and improved ways to incorporate the flavor of these treats into my life but I never remembered just how good these treats are until we made them this weekend.

S’mores. That’s right. I’m talking about the simple, wonderful, beautiful, amazing, s’more. I may have scarfed down two and if the kit had stayed in my house, I would’ve made more the night after and the night after that and the night after that. Because they were so much better than I remembered they were. They were so so so amazing and I want one or eight right this minute.

So if you know how good s’mores are, go make yourself one and if you haven’t had one in awhile, go make yourself 18 and eat them all…yourself. It’s worth the 10lbs you’ll gain. Totally worth it!



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