One of my Favorite Kid Stages

One of my favorite parts of watching the kids grow up is watching them learn how to talk.

Not for any other reason than the cuteness that comes out of their mouths sometimes. Let’s face it…they don’t always pronounce words very well which can result in some very cute word combinations.

Now Little Miss, she learned words quickly and there weren’t many that she had fun pronunciations for. She always excelled with language and speaking. Little Man, on the other hand, sits back and takes in everything before he’s ready to give it a shot. But a few months ago he felt that he was really really ready to find his voice and since then has been repeating everything people say. Some of the things he says sound exactly like they’re supposed to while others need some work. But I definitely have my favorites.

First there’s okie dokie. I have no idea where he heard this. I think he picked it up from his sister while she was in school. But Little Man hasn’t got the “dokie” part down yet so instead of okie dokie he says, “okie okie” and I laugh every time because it’s seriously so freakin cute the way he says it.

Then there’s my absolute favorite. My favorite of all favorites. Again, I don’t know when this happened but Little Man has started really like Spiderman. I’ve been racking my brain to figure out when he would have seen or heard of Spiderman and I think it’s been when his sister plays on Disney Junior. Yup, there is a Spiderman game.

But he now loves Spiderman. He got a Spiderman coloring book yesterday and asks for it all the time because, come on, it’s Spiderman 😉

But how he says Spiderman makes me and his sister laugh every time. Because somehow Spiderman has become…

MIDERMAN! And I played the old school theme song from the old school 1960ish cartoon and Little Man will sing it with me except its, ” Miderman, Miderman, Miderman, Miderman.”

It’s beyond adorable. Little Miss and I see how many times we can get him to say “Miderman” in a day just because it’s super cute.

I seriously love this stage!


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