Lately it seems that all my lovely children do is fight.

What typically happens is Little Man starts playing with something then Little Miss instantly wants it and since she is the oldest (and she always seems to use this to get what she wants with Little Man) she should get to play with whatever said toy is first. And, you know, Little Man has to learn to share at some point so she feels that by her taking things from him she is teaching him the art of sharing. No I’m not joking. Yes, she did say that exact thing to me.

So I usually hear her explaining to Little Man that she is the oldest and therefore gets to play with the toy that she wants and he needs to share.

Then I hear Little Man yell, “HEY” and get upset. Then Little Man runs to find me and snuggle because his mean old sister took his toy.

I then get to explain to Little Miss that she is wrong in her logic. It is flawed. To which she always replies, “No one likes me in this house” and then stomps off and then I have to go talk to her about how we really and truly share our toys.

Funny thing is…she shares so well with all other kids. Except her brother because he is just her “pesky” little brother.

But sometimes…sometimes there is hope. Sometimes I catch moments like these and I treasure them.Why yes…yes those are my children playing…GASP…together.

And not only are they playing together. They are playing NICELY. No one is taking anything from anyone and no one is running to me saying, “MOM…he took my toy…he needs to share.” And no one is running to me crying and trying to climb in my lap to get snuggles.

This is my proof. My proof that my kids can and will play nicely together. Proof that they do get along.

Some of the time.


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