My 2 Problems

I have a problem. Well 2 problems to be exact.

There’s this one:

She has discovered all there is to know about computers. OK not all there is to know but she knows enough. And she’s in love with computer games. Not a problem really. Until she obsesses over them. And whenever we have any downtime…

“Mom, can I play Disney Junior?”

“Later baby.”

5 minutes later

“Mom, can I play Disney Junior now. It’s later.”

“Not right now sweetie.”

3 minutes later

“Mooooooooommmmmmm, Can I please play Disney Junior now?”

“Nope. Not a chance. In fact, it’s likely you’ll never play again. Ever. Why? Because you just asked me 3 times in the past 8 minutes. Not even 10 minutes…8.”

No I didn’t really say that. I mean I did, just in my mind. I actually tell her “No” and then she asks “why” and I say “because I said so” which is something I swore up and down I would never ever say to my kids like my parents always said to me but I find myself using it more and more as they get older and I’ve found that my parents were smart cookies for saying “because I said so” because really what can she counter to that?

So now, we’ve put her on sort of a “Disney Junior schedule” if you will. Little Man and I lay down for nap/quiet time and Little Miss gets to play Disney Junior. It works. Because let’s face it, I’m almost 9 months pregnant and nap time is essential to my mental health these days.

Then there’s the other problem:

This one has discovered the joys of my phone and whenever he gets my phone he’s instantly on my facebook posting updates or my twitter retweeting something or on my instagram posting random photos (he posted some photo of an ipad yesterday and I have no idea where he got the picture from). But the best…the BEST is when he calls people. And calls them…and calls them…until he’s called them so many times that people start to worry about me and my phone starts ringing off the hook.

And yes, my 2 year old knows how to operate my phone. Kids these days.

Not only that but he LOVES watching his sissy play the computer and has started to learn how to operate that too. Yup…if the computer has Disney Junior up, he can climb on up in the chair, click on the little picture of Lightening McQueen and get into the Cars games and such.

I think their Daddy might have to fight for computer time when he gets home. Which shouldn’t be too big of a problem since his “hunny-do-list” is getting quite long 😉


One thought on “My 2 Problems

  1. Grammie says:

    Computors are nice in some ways but they can get too tied up in them.l think you are wise to give her certain times

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