It’s Saturday. A day that I normally don’t post blogs. But here I am.

Saturday mornings I take some time to read up on some of the blogs I may have missed during the week. Now let me let you in on something. I don’t work. I have no job which means that everyday should technically be a weekend day for me but it’s not. I try and get most of my work done and errands ran Monday thru Friday and then spend the weekend hanging out with my family. Hence the no blog posts on Saturday and Sunday.

Today is special because as one of the blogs I read, chambanachik, jumped out at me. Because it was 100% right on. It was the truth and I wanted to share it with you. Whomever it is that may be reading this blog today.

chambanachik: The Sweetness of Doing Nothing

It is a guest post from one of her followers, Love, Charla and it is perfect. It was the perfect find for me today and a great reminder that sometimes doing absolutely nothing is the best medicine.



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