And the Drama Queen Award Goes To…

I have a funny story about Little Miss. I’ve enlisted her help in teaching Little Man how to share.

Bad idea. Because this is how things usually go:

  • Little Man goes and gets a toy
  • Little Miss now instantly wants to play with said toy
  • Little Miss takes toy from Little Man
  • Little Man gets upset
  • Little Miss tells Little Man that he HAS to learn how to share and she’s just helping him

Then of course Big Mama (that’s me in my current pregnancy state) has to get up and inform Little Miss that she is the one who took said toy from Little Man and taking things from people is not a form of sharing to which she replies

“But MOM! It’s not fair! I wanted to play with that toy (she had no intentions of playing with that toy) and now I’m being sunk (I have no idea what she means by this) and Little Man always gets his way but not me (because she never gets her way except she does…all the time) and I always have to make the sacrifices (and the Drama Queen award goes to my daughter).

Look at her…she looks so precious and innocent.

But yes this was an actual conversation between myself and my precious daughter. She isn’t as innocent as that picture makes her seem and it really takes a lot not to laugh while she’s being so dramatic. And I totally blame Mr. Chaos for her being so dramatic because she totally did not get that from me. Just like she got her temper from Mr. Chaos too 😉 Please help me when she’s a teenager. I can already foresee how that’s gonna go.






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