Little Man and the Haircut Incident

I’ve been sick. Like really sick. The kids caught a cold which then decided to float to me and I’ve been struggling for the past 4 days or so to get rid of it. I’m finally…FINALLY on the up and up even though I’m still not feeling the greatest. But the good thing about me being sick is that I finally transferred photos that were on my phone to my computer.

And after flipping through them I chuckled to myself because I have so many new blog posts I can write with these pictures. Including today’s post. You see…it all started when I took Little Man to get a haircut.

And he looked so darn cute and after looking at him for a good while, I got up and went and retrieved some of Mr. Chaos’ coveted gel or hair putty or whatever it is he calls it.

And I put it in Little Man’s hair.

And he looked JUST like his daddy. All cute ready for a night on the town. Except he wasn’t “suited up” yet. And then he got mad that I was taking pictures of him and his adorable hair with hair products in it.

Awww poor Little Man. But seriously doesn’t he look adorable?

“No Mom. No more pictures. You’re done. Cut off.”

Ok Mini Mr. Chaos….No more pictures.

Now I just need to find him a little boy suit and get him all suited up for when he and his daddy paint the town red!



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