Putt Putt Golf Little Miss Style

While on vacation, the kids and I decided to try out some putt putt golfing.

“But Momma…what’s putt putt golf?”

“It’s fun golf. Not boring golf like your daddy plays.”

Although when I go watch my husband play golf, I have tons of fun. Not even joking. I sit in the golf cart and make fun of those playing. Because that’s how I roll.

I don’t think I’ll ever have an appreciation for golf. Or basketball. Football and soccer are the sports for me. And speaking of soccer..did anyone watch Team USA women’s soccer play Canada? Did you see their uniforms. Red and white striped shirts? They looked like pirates…or sailors…not the best uniform choice.

But wow I’m way off topic. So back to Little Miss and her golfing fun.

Look at that form. Perfect golf form Little Miss. Just perfect.

Except it wasn’t which was driving me crazy. Because as an athlete, I just wanted to correct her. As a mother, all I did was cheer for her, and as a pregnant woman, all I wanted to do was run inside because it was so hot out there.

And Little Man, why his form was even better than his sister’s. I think I have some golfers on my hands. What do you think Mr. Chaos? No?

But after a quick lesson in proper form from their “ya-ya”

Little Miss did the unthinkable.

She got a hole in one. A HOLE IN ONE!!! Way to go girl! Maybe I have at least one golfer on my hands. I’m still hoping for soccer player. Ok not hoping….wishing and praying.

But she got a hole in one. That’s my girl. Little Man got bored and gave up after about the 3rd hole. He told me afterwards that golf is just not for him. In his exact words, “golf…mom…well it’s boring and I’m more of a race car driver.”

And when I asked Little Miss about her career in golf?

“Mom…I think I’ll leave the golfing to Dad and take after my soccer playing momma.”

Wait…she didn’t say that? I was just imagining it? Wishful thinking you say. Oh. Well no matter what she decides to do I’ll be the mom cheering obnoxiously šŸ™‚

And Happy 4th of July! Have a safe and wonderful holiday.


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