Where All Your Dreams Come True

Last week, for Little Miss’ birthday, we went to Disney.

It’s all Little Miss has talked about for months. So my Mom and her Husband decided that for her birthday, she would get to go to Disney. And did she have a great time. This is her third time going (one of the advantages to living so close to the theme parks) and this was the first time she got super excited. Because Little Miss, she’s like me, and doesn’t show excitement very well. She’s shy that way.

And of course, what’s Disney without it raining on and off all afternoon?!

That’s right…we got rained on. And for the most part it would rain for about 5-10 minutes and then stop. Then of course we went to Tom Sawyers Island where it decided to start raining harder and harder for a much longer period of time. But the kids, they loved it. They would jump in the puddles and didn’t mind at all that they were getting nice and soaking wet.

Little Man was a little overwhelmed by the whole thing so he stayed attached to me for the most part. Once I figured out that he hated waiting in line and hated the dark rides, things went easier. And yes, there are ways you can do Disney without dark rides and waiting in lines. It can be done! But his favorite part of Disney…the parade.

But even with a cranky Little man and the rain, it was a great time. And we are definitely heading back when I’m not 31 weeks pregnant and when the new fantasy land is fully complete. because from the looks of it…it’s gonna be awesome!

Now if we could just move the new Cars Land at Disneyland to Disney World, I’d be a happy happy camper!


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