My Kids and Their Love for Cats

My two children love kitty cats. Kitty Kitty as Little Man likes to call them.

They love to chase them and pet them and love them and they really really want one.

And I love kitty kitties. I have always loved kitties. I want one. Bad.

So go get one. You can do it. It’s easy.

Except it’s not. Because my husband, he’s allergic. Which means no kitty kitties for us.

*insert sad face here*

But while we’re on vacation, we all get our kitty fix. You see…my mom…she has three kitty kitties. Of course, I want to take all of them home. But my husband, he’s allergic.

Oh yeah…totally trying to make him feel guilty. Even though he has no control over what he’s allergic to…right? RIGHT? And I’ve witnessed his allergies when he gets around cats so I know he’s not faking just because he doesn’t like cats. Because he doesn’t. He’s 100% truly allergic to cats.

*insert sad face here*

So we’ll just get our fix while on vacation and I’ll secretly steal one of my mom’s cats and when Mr. Chaos wonders why his allergies are going crazy I’ll just shrug and say, “I have no idea baby” while secretly hiding the kitty kitty somewhere he’ll never be able to find it.

Oh I can’t do that. That wouldn’t be nice you say…Oh I have to choose you say? Kitty or my husband you say?

Well of course I’d pick my husband….maybe he’d go for a sweet little piggy instead.


2 thoughts on “My Kids and Their Love for Cats

  1. To the Nth says:

    Aw, I’m sorry your husband is allergic to the kitten-beasts. My father-in-law and sister-in-law are, too, so my husband never had furry animals growing up. Luckily for me and our two cats, my husband did not inherit his dad’s allergies.

    Yay for getting your kitty fix while traveling, though! Sometimes other people’s pets are even better — no need to deal with a litterbox on a daily basis. 😉

    • Stacy Fiore says:

      But I miss kitty cats 🙂 I actually like the fact that I don’t have to deal with the litterbox deal. It is one of the only ups to not owning my own kitty. But I am definitely getting my kitty fix on vacation!

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