The Story of Little Man and his Temper

My husband has been blessed with a wife and two children who have quite the temper.

Lord help him if Baby no name has a temper. He might…just might…lose his mind.


Little Man’s temper is finally starting to show. He gets really upset when he can’t express what he wants or when you tell him “No.” Here’s how it works.

“Hey Momma. Thanks for the juice.”

“You sure are welcome little Man.”

“Well, now that I have my juice, um, you see…I think it’s time to go back in the water.”

“Sorry Little Man. That can’t happen…”

“What do you mean THAT. CAN’T. HAPPEN? MOMMA? WHAT DO YOU MEAN?!?!”

“I just mean that…”


“Little Man…if you’d just let me finish…I can explain why we have to…”

“Oh it’s not fair momma.”

“Little Man, please just let me…”

“Sissy gets to go in the water…momma…why not me? You don’t love me do you? Momma please….”

“LITTLE MAN! LISTEN TO ME! You had to wait to go in the water because you were still drinking your juice. Now that you’re done we can go back in the water.”

“Oh. You mean we just had to wait until my juice was done?”


“So I didn’t need to get upset?”


“Can we still go back in the water? Please?”

“Are you gonna throw another fit?”

“Never momma. Never ever ever.”

“Then of course we can go in the water.”

Of course this promise of never throwing another fit lasted a couple hours. But at least it lasted a couple hours and not just a few short minutes. And that’s the story of Little Man and how he goes from my sweet sweet baby boy to…well to anything but my sweet sweet little boy.


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