Say Whaaat?!

My daughter says things. Things that you just want to laugh at but can’t laugh because sometimes they aren’t so nice.

You know kids. They’re honest. Too honest. It started like this…

My little brother…OK so he might not be so little…had to go to the store to grab some things for my other little brother to make dinner. And I needed coffee creamer so I gave him some money. An exchange that Little Miss seemed to miss.

When little brother 1 got home from the store, him and little brother 2 were discussing how much money was owed. Since the total was less than the $5 I gave little brother 1, I told little brother 2 not to worry about it. I had given little brother a $5 and that covered it all so no one owed anyone anything.

Confused yet?

And here comes Little Miss.

So Little brother 1 asked who the change goes to. And I said, “I suppose that would be me.”

Enter Little Miss

who says, “Yeah. Mommy always takes all the money so she can just go buy more stuff.”

Wait. Um. Say WHAAT?!?!

Everyone laughed. Except me. Because….that is totally the opposite of me. And when I do spend money, it’s on the kids or Mr. Chaos. I almost NEVER spend money on myself.

Funny…yes….true…not so much.

Insert long talk to an almost 6 year old about the working of money and how giving and getting change works and the 50 questions from said almost 6 year old about money.

But after that long talk I think…THINK…she understands that her momma…her momma is not greedy and does not want more money just so she can buy more things. Because I’ve learned, just as little miss will, that money, oh money is evil.


2 thoughts on “Say Whaaat?!

  1. Mr Chaos says:

    Little Miss might be on to something. I’m glad I have her to keep an eye on you with money. Just kidding babe. You know you’re the reason we make it each month. If it wasn’t for your budgeting skills I would be broke as a joke. Love you!

    -Mr. Chaos-

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