Oh Little Man

Little Man and I. Oh we’re having some fun together while Little Miss is finishing up school. And by fun, I totally mean he’s driving me nuts. But not for any other reason but one. One simple reason.

He won’t leave any of the books along. ANY OF THEM. We have a TON of books. Especially kids books. And Little Man has recently become obsessed with books. I typically read to the kids every night before bed and this is how it goes.

1. I grab some books

2. Little Miss picks out a book for her to read

3. Little Man grabs a couple books, usually that have cars in them, for me to read

And then this happens

1. I start reading

2. Little Man runs off

3. He brings back about 80 more books for me to read

*Gasp* “Who me mama? Surely you are mistaken!”

No no Little Man I am not. And he has certain books that he picks. So he has to find these books. And to find these books he takes EVERY. SINGLE. BOOK. off the bookshelves. All of them. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. And when he’s bored, he decides to sneak upstairs and tackle my bookcase in my room. Because, you know, I must hide his books on my bookcase.

Oh Little Man. It’s a good thing your cute.


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