Chaotically Chaotic

1. I have about 10 or so blog posts in my head that are all swimming together ready to be written. The problem? My pregnancy brain won’t let me separate them into individual posts. So this post is designed to entertain you while my brain figures out how to write all the other posts.

2. My house. It is a wreck. I must clean it this week.

3. I really don’t want to clean my house.

4. Little Man has a fun little game he likes to play. It’s called, “Let me take all the books off every single bookcase in the house and then after you pick them up, because you will due to your OCD, I will mess them all up again.” This is one of those blog posts I need to write.

5. Little Miss is in her last week of Kindergarten. Friday she will officially be done and officially be on summer break.

6. I broke one of my sacred deployment rules this weekend. More on this later.

7. My kids are growing like weeds. As soon as I buy them clothes and shoes (especially shoes) they grow out of them. Help me.

8. So I’ve decided they should just go barefoot from now on.

9. My dog is driving me crazy.

10. I locked myself out of my house yesterday. Twice. Once we were all outside (more on how we got back in the house later) and once I was just locked outside and Little Miss giggled the entire time I was trying to prove it was her mother trying to get her to open the door. This took about 5 minutes or so of Little Miss asking me various questions to prove it was me. It was fun.

Happy Monday 🙂


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