Painting the Day Away

Little Man has discovered his love for painting.

He’ll run to where the paint supplies are and yell, “Paint, Paint!” And then Little Miss chimes in. “Yeah Mom…let’s paint.”

And we’ll sit down on the floor and paint.

Except Little Miss and I will be the ones painting on the paper.

As you can see, Little Man has a nice big red spot all around him and paint all over him. This is because he likes painting every where but on the paper. Oh and usually when he wants to “paint” he really means he wants to take all the paint and keep dumping color after color on the plates we are using to keep the paint all nice and separated.

Because that’s how he rolls.

I can always count on my Little Miss to keep paint on the paper though.

She’s becoming quite the artist. Which she definitely doesn’t get from her Momma. Momma can’t draw.

But Little Miss and Little Man. They could paint the day away if I had enough paint because in 30 minutes time, Little Man had dumped out pretty much all the paint. And the only reason it took him that long? Little Miss and I tried to run interference. Tried to make him realize he really wanted to paint and not dump all the paint out.

We were wrong.


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