Just Another Day

A few days ago, the kids and I were running around outside. Chasing a soccer ball to be exact. Whenever the kids get a soccer ball, I have to be the referee because neither of them wants to give up the ball to the other.

It’s comical to watch.

So the kids are running and I am laughing and all is good until suddenly the kids stop dead in their tracks.

Because they hear it.

Low in the background, but they hear it. And they hear it because pretty much every day during the week we hear them.

Then they see it and start running towards it. Faster and faster. In awe, really.

Mr. Chaos could tell you the name of this particular plane. I can not. What I can tell you is that it is one of the planes that our soldiers jump out of here at the base. And at this particular time, it was probably going to refuel.

The kids love watching the planes and helicopters go by. They run to see them, and scream and wave hoping that someone sees them.

Pane! Pane! Ook! Ook! That’s what little man says over and over. While Little Miss laughs. It’s just another day around here when a plane or helicopter flies right over our house. Just another day in the military life.


2 thoughts on “Just Another Day

  1. Luke Heikkila says:

    the way kids react to planes (and animals) makes me wonder why we don’t have a population of nothing but pilots and veterinarians. 😉

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