I’ve started the oh so fun parenting job of potty training. I know I’ve said before that bath time is the parenting job I dislike the most but I’d like to change that to potty training. Because I more than dislike potty training. And since I potty trained Little Miss, Mr. Chaos was supposed to be the one to do the bulk of the work with Little Man. But, as I said in my previous post, he tends to go on his save the world trips at just the right times so that he gets out of doing these things.

Curse you Mr. Chaos. I will get you back for this.

So, yet again, potty training is on me. And I’ve been procrastinating. Big time. I get all psyched up for it. I tell myself, “Self, today’s the day. The day we get serious on this potty training thing with Little Man. I don’t want two kids in diapers so this is it. You have a few months to get this done. Let’s DO THIS!”

And then I don’t follow through. So I’m going to let all of you keep me honest and keep me going on this one. Starting TODAY, I’m getting serious about the potty training. TODAY PEOPLE. This could get interesting.

When I told myself, about a month ago, that I wanted to start really working with Little Man I went ahead and got some pull-ups. Now I know pull-ups don’t really do much for helping with the potty training but they have Disney Cars designs on them and, well, my son is obsessed with cars. I just didn’t expect that whenever I put my boy in pull-ups, he would refuse to wear anything but the pull-ups.

Yup this is the boy I see on a daily basis. The boy who I typically have to bribe to put on clothes in order to go to the store or to pick up his sister.

Because, apparently, he’s going through his, “naked” stage. A stage I never actually went through with Little Miss.

So wish me luck people. I absolutely loathe potty training but am hoping the second time around is easier than the first and hoping even more than Little Dude (the baby currently growing) will be even easier to train than his sister and brother.

Because, seriously, potty training, yuck!


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