Mental Health Day

Today I made a decision. Actually, truth be told, I made it last night after the meltdown and after a certain 5 year old crawled into my bed during a beautiful thunderstorm around 3am.

Today is a mental health day. Not for me and certainly not for Little Man. What does he need a break from? Playing? But Little Miss, she definitely needs a day to regroup.

My first clue was her meltdown last night. When Little Miss gets overwhelmed she has an extreme temper tantrum to something so small, something that would typically not even matter. Like last night when she threw a fit because Little Man took a book that I had already read. And then continued that fit when I asked her why she was so upset because evidently I’m not allowed to talk to her when she’s upset which is a new development. And then got even more upset when Little Man laughed because she couldn’t believe he would laugh at her while she was so upset even though he was really laughing at the dog who happened to be chasing his tail and when I told this to Little Miss she got upset because she didn’t understand why Tebow would be chasing his tail (this usually cracks her up. In fact, she’s figured out just how to get Tebow to chase his tail because she things it’s so funny).

So I did what always calms her down. I picked her up, held her close, rubbed her back, and told her that everything would be OK. That she would be OK. Because when she has her meltdowns, that’s what she needs.

So today she gets to stay home with me and her little brother. She gets to play and run around the house like a crazy kid and just be her fun loving self. Today she gets a mental health day. A day to regroup and recharge so that tomorrow she can be her fun loving self with all her little buddies at school.


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