I’ve been thinking…Mr. Chaos, I love him, but he seems to know just when to leave so he gets out of the most work.

No seriously. In fact, after thinking about it, I’ve come to the realization that he probably plans it out this way. I’m looking for some notebook or calendar that he has stashed somewhere with his sneaky planning which he probably titled, “Ways to get out of the most work.”

Oh and I think he purposely breaks things right before he leaves too.

The next couple months are super busy for me and the kiddos. Not only do I have to plan a birthday party for my soon to be 6 year old but I also have to start planning and setting up the nursery, clean out the playroom to make room for the office and clean out the nursery of all the office furniture and military gear which I have to find a place for, get both kids to the Dr. for physicals and Little Miss for her yearly check-up. And while we’re at it, they should both go to the dentist too. Take the dog for his yearly check-up, renew my vehicle decal for my car so I can easily get on base, and try to keep my sanity while doing it all. Oh and the day to day cleaning, cooking, taking care of the kids, yada yada.

I didn’t write this post to complain, really. I’m not. I love that I have so much to do because it keeps me busy which makes time go by faster. I actually wrote this post because now it is written down somewhere where I won’t lose it. I’ve already written three to-do lists and they’ve someone all mysteriously disappeared.

I still think Mr. Chaos planned his absence out precisely when there is so much to get done. I’m on to you hubski. Oh I’m on to you 😉


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