There Once was a Boy Named Little Man

There once was a boy named Little Man

He was happy as could be. Because, you see, he had just gotten done singing the ABC’s.

He did so good a singin that he won himself a prize. A big ol tube of yogurt that was the perfect size.

Yum, he thought this is good. So good in fact that I do ponder, what I could get for counting so high.

So he asked his momma, who he loved with all his heart, “Momma, dear, what would I get if I could count so high?”

“If you could count so high my dear, so very very high, I would be so proud, that you would get a prize. A prize so sweet as a kiss upon your cheek.

Because you see, I love you boy. You make me prouder every day just like your sister dear who I wish were here to hear what I have to say. I love you both, you two melt my heart and I will never forget…everything you do for me every chance you get.





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