When Little Miss Gets Bored

There are certain things that Little Miss does when she gets bored.

She whines, or is hungry, sometimes she pouts in hopes of getting my attention, and sometimes she tortures her brother.

OK, most times she tortures her brother.

I mean…I really want to know what she is thinking in this picture. Look at her little face. She has this look of, “I got you now brother of mine. You are at my will and have to do what I say.”

And she continues her torture until Little Man finally has enough.

“No, I will not do your bidding. NEVER.”

And that’s where he stays until Mommy hears his cries.

And asks Little Miss, “What on earth are you doing?”

To which she replies, “He’s my pet dog momma. I don’t know why he’s so  upset.”

To which I reply, “Maybe because he doesn’t want to be your pet dog. And why make Little Man your pet dog when you have a perfectly good dog right here to play with.”

To which she replies, “Mom. *eye roll* Tebow doesn’t do what I tell him to do. My brother…he does.”

No my daughter is not bossy…not bossy at all 😉


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