Fun on the Farm

Wow. I’ve been slacking on some posts. I was looking through pictures this morning and came across pictures from our trip to Gillis Hills Farms. You may remember that I took the kids there to pick some big beautiful strawberries. Well afterwards we headed over to the farm and walked around so the kids could see the animals.

And can you guess what I made the kids do while we walked around the farm?

Old McDonald of course! It went a little something like this

“C’mon kids. Let’s make this fun! Old McDonald had a farm….E-I-E-I-O! And on that farm he had a…


Um…you guys aren’t singing….”

“Mom….stop being silly.”

Bet you can’t guess who told me to stop being silly.

Probably the girl who had to walk in front of me because I was embarrassing her even though there wasn’t anyone else around.

She was actually walking in front of myself and Little Man because she wanted to see a certain animal.

Not these little ones.

Nope…they caught only Little Man’s attention

“Look momma! I WANT ONE! PLEASE!”

“Of course Little Man. I’ll get right on that.”

And she didn’t even blink an eye at the moo cows.

It was the horsey.

And the donkey. She was fascinated with them both. It took me a good 10 minutes to convince her that there were more animals that wanted her attention.

Like the little piggy who went WEE WEE WEE, all the way home. Or in our case, the entire time we were hanging out by the horse and donkey  because that little piggy…oh man could that piggy squeal. Little man wasn’t impressed and Little Miss, well she stuck around the pigs for a whole 30 seconds before going back to her BFF.

She definitely takes after her Momma. Horses steal my heart. And evidently, they steal Little Miss’ heart too.

Which just means that my argument to eventually get a horse has gotten much, much stronger….Muah ha ha! Poor Mr. Chaos.



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