Random Post #546

1. I have a confession. We did NOTHING this weekend except hang out. Together. As a family. It was awesome.

2. My daughter. She has decided that she has reached the age where she talks. All the time. It’s hilarious. And she talks about the most random things. One thought leads her into another so if she started talking about school, she might finish talking about unicorns. It’s funny.

3. My son. He’s been attached to his momma for the past week. ATTACHED. Where I go, he goes. I know, deep down, he knows things are about to change. He’s about to become the man of the house at 2.5 years old. And once he gets used to that change, he’s going to have to get used to having a baby around the house. Big changes for my boy.

4. When I told Little Miss that baby was a boy, she cried. Until I told her that her being the only girl (I was a only girl to 3 brothers) meant she was the only princess. Then she was happy.

5. I love my husband. I am still coming to terms with him leaving. But, with the help of my kids and my family and friends, I’ll get through this trip just as I’ve gotten through all the others.

6. That doesn’t mean I’m ever going to be ready for him to leave on his save the world trips.

7. I’ve already started my list of things to-do for when Mr. Chaos is gone. It’s long. REALLY long.

8. But since cleaning is a coping method of mine for when I’m mad and sad, I should get most of the things on it done.

9. I want a cat but it seems that Mr. Chaos has become allergic to cats so I told him I’d settle for a horse. I used to ride and I’ve missed it ever since I stopped.

10. I know…a cat to a horse…big difference. But Mr. Chaos said it was OK. In a few years that is. After I somehow make lots and lots of money.

11. I think I’m gonna write a book. I don’t know what about. I should probably figure that out first.

12. I think my daughter gets her random thoughts from me. Don’t ask me how I came to that conclusion.


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