My HUGE secret

I have a secret. I’ve actually been keeping this secret for awhile now.

Which has been interesting for a few reasons.

1. I’m a horrible secret keeper when it comes to my own secrets. If you tell me something and tell me not to say a word I’m good. But if I have a secret, I want to explode and tell the world ASAP.

Well maybe just one reason. So what is this secret you ask? Well it could be any of the following…

A. We’re moving

B. Mr. Chaos is getting out of the military

C. I got a job

D. I got cast to be in a movie


E. None of the above

And the winner is…

E. None of the above! Sorry. Had to. Although I like the idea of being cast in a movie. But that could only happen if they wanted a 22 week pregnant woman because

We’re having a baby!






2 thoughts on “My HUGE secret

  1. Grammie says:

    That sure is s boy !!!!!! He has got some shoes to fill trying to be as wonderful as Lil Man. He will do it I’m sure with the wonderful mom he will have. I am so happy for all of u. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

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