How Things Have Changed

My daughter, she’s in kindergarten.

When I was in kindergarten I was learning my alphabet with the Alphabet people. I was learning numbers, how to count, make patterns, and center time. Oh do I remember center time. We had a center at my school where you got to dress up. You could play house and that was OK. It was awesomesauce. We had report cards that only had plus signs and minus signs to tell if you were doing OK or not.

My daughter, she is in a completely different kindergarten than I ever was.

She has homework Monday thru Thursday every week. She has center time but there’s no dress up, there’s no playing house. They have different learning centers with a different learning activity tailored to each one. Oh they have recess and P.E just like we did but in P.E, they learn about muscles and they are taught why exercise and nutrition are important. But most of all, the biggest way that her kindergarten is different from mine 20 some odd years ago…

They have computer class. Once a week she goes to computers and they learn how to type and use computers. My daughter can use my phone with ease (let’s face it, she’s been able to do this for a few YEARS now) and she has recently stolen my laptop and plays games on and things of that nature with no help at all. She can type and work a mouse, open new windows and she knows where to type the name of a website she wants to get to.

Things have changed. Oh how things have changed.


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