Easter Extravaganza

We had a fun filled Easter yesterday. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Our Easter fun actually started on Thursday with EGG DYING!

I have to say I was debating on dying eggs this year. Why? I was scared of the mess. But I planned ahead, laid down a ton of towels, and had a great time dying eggs with the kiddos.

Little Miss had a great time showing her little brother how it was done.

First thing you do little brother is smile for the camera.

Then you grab a nice and pretty egg. Then you decided what color you want it.

Are you paying attention brother? Now comes the important part. You drop it in the color you want and make sure you dye all your fingers at the same time.

And then you spoon some more color on it so it comes out super pretty.

Little Man did a great job taking one egg and dying it into all the colors.

His egg was a beautiful shade of red. It later turned into a lovely shade of brown.

The kids loved watching the eggs turn different colors and came out with some beautiful eggs. Unfortunately for you, I forgot to take pictures of said eggs because…well no excuses, I just forgot.

Friday we made Easter sugar cookies and Saturday we decorated them which got no pictures because I was busy making and decorating sugar cookies and Mr. Chaos was no where to be found. Again, my apologies.

Then, of course, Sunday came and so did Mr. or Mrs. Easter Bunny who left quite the scavenger hunt for the kids to find their baskets.

Look at that bedhead on Little Man. Absolutely fabulous. It’s even better today šŸ˜‰

The kids did a great job following all the clues and did find their baskets. The Easter bunny also left a nice note for momma with some empty eggs and candy to fill them for a fun filled Easter egg hunt since Momma and the Easter Bunny decided that if the egg hunt was in the morning, the kids (especially Little Man ) would have eaten all the candy at 8 am and that wasn’t an option. So after lunch we had our Easter Egg hunt.

“C’mon Mom! No more pictures…there are eggs to find!”

And off they went. Little Man slower than Little Miss

I think Little Miss was determined to get all the eggs

Um…Little Man, you’re not supposed to drop your basket.

I ended up having to carry the basket for Little Man.

Until he decided it was cool to carry an Easter basket.

And then it was time…time to see what the precious eggs contained.

And eat it all…well not all. Just most.

I hope everyone had am amazing Easter!


One thought on “Easter Extravaganza

  1. Grammie says:

    They are so talented!!!!! THEY both look so cute. Thanks Mom for making it posslble for us to see their Easter.Almost as good as being there!!!!!!

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