The Incident

I love my kids.

But (you knew that was coming)

as with most parents, there is one thing that I don’t like doing that is a parenting duty. One thing that, if I could, I would always pass to Mr. Chaos who doesn’t like this parenting duty as much as I do.

Bath time. *shutter* Ugh, how I dislike bath time. There is no real reason for me to despise bath time as much as I do. I can’t really explain why I don’t like it. But I don’t and neither does my husband. So we usually break it up. I put them in, he gets them out or vice versa.

Which leads me to the incident. Mr. Chaos was on “putting the kids in the bath” duty but Little Man was reluctant to go. So I told Mr. Chaos I’d bring him up when I was done cleaning up the kitchen. Except Little Man decided to sneak up the stairs. Which lead to this

and this

and this

Yes, the shower is running and yes my son is fully clothed, and yes he is using a towel as a blanket.

And I had “getting the kids out of the tub” duty.

I really dislike bath time.


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