This Morning

It’s 8:19 in the am. When Little Miss is in school (can’t wait until Friday which is Good Friday so she doesn’t have school and then next week SPRING BREAK BABY or as I like to call it-Mama gets to sleep in) we get up at the beautiful time of 6:30 in the morning.

This morning has been a special morning. This morning, all before the hour of 8 am, I have managed to…

-Wake up at 2 in the morning to shut our windows because our wonderful blinds were making this slapping noise and my husband was tossing and turning and both were keeping me awake. Come to find out, after talking to said husband, when the windows are open he usually tosses and turns for no real reason. Um…thanks for telling me when you were suggesting we leave the windows open because, you, my husband, know I’m a light sleeper.

-Wake up in a horrible mood that I’m blaming on Mr. Chaos because of his tossing and turning.

-burn toast. Yup, I’ve managed to burn toast. TOAST! You just put it in the toaster and wait. And I BURNED it. HOW?!?!

-brew coffee without brewing coffee. I thought I had it all set up. I thought I had poured in the water and then scooped the coffee. I was wrong. I poured in the water and that was all. I never scooped the coffee. So I brewed hot water. That will do nothing for my mood.

I’ve decided to skip over Thursday and get right to sleeping in on Friday. The world will benefit from this…greatly.


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