A Letter to my Children

To Little Miss and Little Man,

April is the month of the Military Child. A month designated to say thank you  for the sacrifices that you make without choice. Because let’s face it…you’re not asked whether or not you want to move and you’re not consulted about the location you move to. You just say goodbye to friends you’ve made and family you see everyday and go. You’re not asked if it’s OK whether or not your mommy or daddy goes off to a war zone for an undetermined amount of time, never knowing if you’ll see them again. You don’t get a say whether or not your mom or dad will be there for holidays or birthdays or at your first soccer game and you never know if they’ll be able to see that piano recital or your school play.

You, my little loves are brave. You are special. As you both get older, I’m always scared what reaction you’ll have to the next time your daddy leaves and I’m amazed that it’s never, “that’s not fair.” Instead you look at me with those beautiful brown eyes and let me know how much you’re going to miss your daddy. And when he’s gone, on the bad days, when you really miss him, you curl into me and snuggle. You both have gotten me through the hard times of moving and deployments. You both have done more for me than you could ever imagine. Whenever I miss your daddy, I know I can lean on you two and you’ll get me through it; with your smiles, your laughs, your hugs and kisses, your love.

There will never be a way for me to thank you both for all you do. For all the sacrifices you make. Sacrifices you’ve never asked to make. Your daddy and I have two of the strongest and bravest little ones in the world and we love you both so so much and grow prouder of you both every day.


2 thoughts on “A Letter to my Children

  1. Grammie says:

    I haven’t been able to read all of this to Papaw yet for crying. What a beautiful way of writing what we all know but could never put it in words like u do. We love all of u so much. They have a very brave Mom

  2. Luke Heikkila says:

    Nicely stated; I’m a journalist and have been covering military stories for a few years; you have a way with words. Keep the stories flowing.

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