There is little more I can say about my boy and cars that I haven’t already said. He loves them. He’s pretty much obsessed with them. On a daily basis, he says the word “car” about 1,345,678 times.

He takes them wherever we go

He naps with them

He sleeps with them

He takes his showers and baths with them

They are always with him.

Here’s how a normal day goes

1. He gathers his cars up and puts them in some sort of container that he can carry them around in

2. He finds a place to play with his cars that is big enough for him to line them all up.

3. He plays and plays and plays

Lightening McQueen is not happy to be in second. But Little Man doesn’t care about these issues. He cares that his cars are all nice and lined up.

3. Then he picks them all up and carries them off to another place where he can line up his cars.

4. He plays with his cars until it’s time to come inside and eat or shower or because Mommy or Daddy says so. (He loves being outside almost as much as he loves his cars)

I’ve never seen anything like it. His sister would play with every toy she could get her hands on. Still does. We have approximately 8,378,678 stuffed animals and I swear she plays with every single one. My boy? He plays with his cars. Occasionally he’ll pick up something else but the majority of the time he has his cars. I’m teaching him colors and how to count with his cars because they are always with him. And if his sister even touches one of his cars…oh man…a war breaks out in our house.

It’s my little Man’s obsession. A cute, funny, and frustrating (for those around him) obsession.


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