Grandpa, My Hero

Little Man here. Momma is off cleaning something.

I just wanted to say that my Grandpa…he’s my hero. And there’s a very good reason why.

You see. Last year my momma got me some cool sunglasses for the summer. Cool sunglasses that lasted about a week (tops) because my sister broke them. And if you are around me any time at all you’ll soon discover I love sunglasses. Just takes the edge off of that hot sun…ya know?!

Well, my Grandpa sent my momma a gift card because us kids…we grow fast. And while at Target shopping my momma saw these sunglasses. But they weren’t just any sunglasses, they were Cars sunglasses. And if you know anything about me…you know I LOVE cars. Ok loved doesn’t describe it enough. I’m OBSESSED with cars. So she got them!

So thank you Grandpa for my new sunglasses! You rescued me from wearing my sister’s pink sunglasses which was just embarrassing!


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