Jump Ball

Little Miss made up a new game.

I call it jump ball. The rules of play are simple. You don’t even need to write them down. My kind of game right there.

OK. Here we go.

Step 1: Get a ball and put it in a hole in your yard that your “perfect” dog has dug.

Step 2: Jump on said ball in a hole

Look at that take-off. Perfect.

Just remember. The goal is to jump on the ball. Your feet must land on the ball before they land on the ground.

Here’s another look at the take-off and jump onto the ball. These two steps are the most important in the game because without them, well, without them there would be no game.

The take-off

And the jump.

Step 3: Land on the ground safe and sound. There are no ouchies in this game people. You MUST land safely on the ground.

The landing doesn’t have to be pretty. You just have to land. On your feet. If you land on your knees or other part of your body then you lose massive amounts of points and, typically, the other person playing with you, wins.

Jump Ball. It’s the new “in” game. Try it out some time since it is Little Miss approved. I mean she did make up the game so I’m assuming she approves it.




One thought on “Jump Ball

  1. Grammie says:

    Looks like she is doing it perfect!!!!!!! She should patent that. Tell her to get a ball she can let some air out and it will be easier to land on. Grammie would think of the easy way out!!’

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