Fun with Lollipops

My kids. They love some lollipops. I’ve never understood the fascination with lollipops. I’d prefer ice cream or candy bars any day over a lollipop. I wonder how many times in this post I can say lollipop? It’s a fun word.

“Lollipop, Lollipop, oh la la lollipop, lollipop!”

Sorry. Had to do it. Anywho. My kids. They love lollipops. And they do weird things when they eat said lollipops. Things like…

Little Miss smiles…willingly. And tells me, begs me to take a picture.

They compare notes on how to best eat lollipops. Little Miss swears the best way to eat a lollipop is by sitting on our speaker system.

She also believes that the no hands way is definitely the way to eat a lollipop.

I don’t get it. Why no hands Little Miss? And why oh why on the speaker system?

“Just because mama. It’s the cool way.”

The best part of the lollipop eating is when they start making faces at each other. Well, Little Miss makes faces. Little Man copies. Because that’s what Little Man does these days. He copies everything you say and do. Sometimes it’s adorable, other times it’s funny, and sometimes it’s…well you figure out a good word for someone who copies everything you do.

Little Man always finishes his lollipop first because…simply because he actually eats his lollipop while Little Miss keeps trying to find ways to extend the life of her lollipop.

Seriously, how long does it take to eat a tiny lollipop? I asked this very question to Little Miss. And she replied with the simplest answer.

“Until the fun is done Mom.”


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