Pre-Spring Cleaning

This weekend was dreary. It rained all day Saturday and we didn’t see the sun until sometime on Sunday after the lovely cold front had moved in.

It would’ve been the perfect weekend to just sit in bed and do nothing.Except Mr. Chaos and I have had to say goodbye to those days and hello to dreary days of entertaining kids.

If you’ve never experience entertaining kids on rainy days…oh it’s fun (sarcasm here folks). Basically they get cabin fever. By 9:30 in the morning on the first day of the dreary weather. Then you have to subject yourself to the kids music channel on your tv and listen to Justin Bieber all day. It’s fun.

But this dreary weekend we did something different. We did some pre-spring cleaning. And I made the kids help. Except they didn’t. They made more of a mess and as I was trying to get rid of stuff I would hear, “You’re getting rid of that. Please NOOOOOOOOOOOO.” To which I replied, “you haven’t touched this in over a year. It’s time to say goodbye.” To which I heard, “I’ll use it (or wear it) now. Right now.” and it was a vicious cycle. Finally, I banished the kids downstairs to their playroom while I cleaned out their room.

Not only did I get through the kid’s room and their clothes, I was also able to clean our room for the first time in a long time and I tackled the linen closet. WINNING!

Now, of course, I have a long list of things I want for the house and clothes/shoes the kids are going to need for the Spring and Summer. A long list that will be tackled slowly.

The point of this post…I kicked this dreary weekends butt and was super productive. I’m totally looking forward to some nice weekends so I can start planning my wonderful spring garden! I love Spring!


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